Our Traps are professional quality, tuned and ready to catch mice, rats, spiders and any other little critter that goes jump in the night.

Give us a call for more information on traps!

231-582-0170 or 877-825-0171


Spiders, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Box Elder Bugs, Lady Beetles, Cluster Flies and Pine Seed Bugs.

What to expect from a  Spider/Wasp treatment: We will spray the exterior of your house or business from top to bottom (soffit to base), to kill any existing insects and help prevent new critters from setting up shop for up to three months. These treatments will be scheduled at the most opportune time and season for the pests being treated.

We also offer nest removal services for stinging insects.


We are excellent Mousers!


We set up mouse elimination and prevention programs for customers and maintain bi-weekly or monthly check ups during the fall and winter seasons.  We will also teach Do it Yourselfers how to be good mousers if they wish.


We offer Fall/ Winter Cottage check ups for security, temp control, critter control, piece of mind. Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly depending on location.

We are licensed, bonded and Insured.