In our neck of the woods, homes fall prey to many different types of bugs and insects, both inside the home and outside the home.

We at JEB Pest Control, understand how frustrating this can be for the home owner.



Common Residential Insects:

Bed Bugs  |  Cockroaches  |  Termites  |  Ants  |  Flies  |  Mosquito

Fleas  |  Spiders  |  Ticks  |  Beetles  |  Gnats  |  Stink Bugs

Common Residential Pests:

Rats  |  Mice  |  Bats  |  Gophers  |  Rabbits  |  Raccoons

Skunks  |  Snakes  |  Squirrels  |  Birds  |  Moles  |  Possum 



Click here for pictures to identity what pests you have!


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